Lakeside Pajamas: Take 2 

I’ve been in a huge sewing slump for a couple months now but I think I’m almost out of it. Recovering from my broken ankle and a few inconvenient mishaps got me pretty down for a few weeks and I just couldn’t get myself to sew. I’ve also been taking a fashion design class twice a week at night for a month now so I’m also just a little out of it when I get home at night.

These pajamas took me about a month to completely finish but collectively only several hours. I had to do significantly less seam ripping this time! It helps if you actually read the instructions.

I used Cotton + Steel fabric from their Cat Lady collection called Kitten Mittens in navy and the Lakeside Pajamas pattern from Grainline Studio. 

I ended up going a size down this time and I feel these fit much better than my last pair. I’m still having a little trouble with the straps falling down so if I make another pair I could probably cut out an inch from them. This is a problem I tend to have with clothing because I have a larger bust and these tiny shoulders that don’t know what to do with themselves.

No apologies for the bathroom selfie!

My First Finished Dress

I did it! I finished my first dress and it’s not too bad. I started this dress at the beginning of July while taking the Garment Sewing from a Pattern class at The Stitch Lab but I only just finished this week. I wasn’t able to finish the class since I had to get surgery on my ankle but I did it solo at home. 

I used the New Look 6145 pattern and for fabric I used Cotton + Steel’s Mystery Food from their Tokyo Train Ride collection. I noticed a few months ago when I started working on garments that there’s a divide in whether you should use quilting cotton for clothing or not. I don’t really care as long as it’s used on the right garment and not too stiff.

After washing and drying this fabric turned out really soft and I like that’s it’s a little on the thicker side (but not too thick). The quality is great and it feels like it’s going to hold up well. I did make a shirt out a thin and stiff quilting cotton a month or 2 ago which was definitely a mistake; I’ve learned my lesson and am slowly figuring out what fabrics work for which patterns and designs. 

I had originally planned on sewing version D with short sleeves but after my one fitting I decided I really liked the way it looked without. I do wish I had gone down just a little bit on the size, but it makes for a very comfortable and roomy dress. Sizing and fitting is going to be a whole lot easier once I get my cast off and ditch these crutches next week!


Comic Book Embroidery

I’m usually really on top of my husband’s birthday but this year with having a broken ankle and getting surgery I was a little out of it. A couple days before his birthday I decided I wanted to make him a wall hanging of his favorite comic Harrow County. I didn’t finish it on time, his birthday was last week (he got a bunch of presents on the day), but I finished today! I used Sublime Stitching‘s heavy tracing paper and iron-on transfer pen in black to trace the picture I decided to do.

I also used Sublime Stiching’s t-shirt stabilizer on the back since the material I was using was pretty thin and flimsy. 

I really like how the girl came out but I’m not a huge fan of the lettering. I had never embroidered lettering before and I think where I went wrong was with the stitch I used. I used a split stitch where I think I should have used a back stitch like I did with the girl. Now I know for next time!

A Fashion Design Semester! 

Image from The Stitch Lab Facebook page

I am officially signed up for the Fall Fashion Design Semester at The Stitch Lab here in Austin, Texas and I’m feeling all sorts of things! I mentioned in an earlier post that I broke my ankle practicing roller derby and when it happened I decided to take that as a sign that I’m supposed to be doing something else for the time being. Emphasis on the time being because I’m definitely getting back in my Riedell skates!

Before I broke my ankle I was in a dilemma – try-outs and boot camp for 3 months or a fashion design semester for 5 months. Both were happening at the same time and I had to choose but I just couldn’t. I had never had as much fun as I did when I was skating but I had also never felt so proud of myself as when I finished a sewing project.

In my head I thought I could do both at the same time – I’m a huge over-doer, that’s why I ended up doing three under grad degrees all at the same time. I was seriously working out in my head how I could take class 2 times a week, skate 3+ times a week, work full-time and continue with my volunteer duties. I’m a nightmare.

When it came down to it my body (and working on left-hand box-turns) made the choice for me, so here I am signed up for the semester intensive. I’m so incredibly excited, nervous, and ready to learn as much as I possibly can. I’m hoping my broken ankle and crutches don’t get in the way too much but I’m trying not to worry about that. The good thing is that I’ll be out of my cast by the time the fashion show comes around in December. I can’t believe that after growing up in the house of an incredible quilter that I ignored sewing for most of my life and now I’m here. It feels like it was inevitable. While quilting is a whole different game, putting two pieces of fabric together and merging them on a machine isn’t. This feels so good and I’m so glad to be in this place.


90’s Forever

I know I’m really late on this but whatever, I just started this blog yesterday! I was scrolling through Instagram sometime in the past year when I came upon a girl wearing a choker and I kind of freaked out. The 90’s were coming back and ever since then it seems like it’s been taking over.

I was in elementary in the 90’s and still wearing Rugrat’s jumpsuits but I wanted so badly to dress like the older girls. I loved the chokers, short jean shorts with over-sized sweatshirts, plaid everything, and chunky platforms. While I didn’t get to wear most of what I wanted because I was a CHILD, I did still have a pair of chunky platforms going into middle school and was made fun of on the first day of school. Jokes on them because that’s what everyone is wearing now!

While I don’t feel like I have any particular style, the 90’s is my absolute favorite fashion decade and something that I’m currently trying to incorporate into my handmade wardrobe. I’ve collected several patterns over the past few months that I’m hesitant to start on because I’m not sure if I have the skill set just yet but I can’t wait to get started.

Kwik Sew 4238, Kelly Skirt by Megan Nielsen Patterns, Rosari Skirt by Pauline Alice Patterns, Vanamo Two-Piece Cocktail Dress by Named Clothing, Arielle Skirt by Tilly and the Buttons, Esme Maxi Cardigan by Named Clothing, Victoria Blazer by By Hand London

While listening to the latest Seamwork podcast, featuring Marie of A Stitching Odyssey she said something that really made me think about my hesitancy with sewing. Marie spoke about her first sewing class and how she just jumped in eagerly without knowing a thing and was willing to trying everything without hesitance and wished she could still do that.

I can relate on so many levels (although I haven’t been sewing nearly as long as her) because I find myself constantly obsessing over the easy, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels on pattern packaging. “Should I make 6 easy patterns before I move to beginner?” “Should I then make 12 beginner patterns before I move to intermediate?” I have this inner dialogue constantly about so many aspects of my life but I really want to make an effort to make sure this doesn’t get in the way of sewing. I want to try as many new patterns and techniques as I can and hope this will be a never-ending learning process.

I just gonna do it.




Figuring Sh*t Out

I started to learn hand embroidery after hearing about and buying a kit from Sublime Stitching. I really enjoyed it but wasn’t sure what I could do with it. Would I just make wall hangings and tea towels? I was just glad to be doing something while binge watching whatever I had found on Netflix.

In January of this year I had also signed up to learn to skate and play roller derby and was completely in love with it. I had never had so much fun in my life, especially while learning a sport. A few months in I started having some medical problems and had to sit out for a while and I was going nuts. While at The Stitch Lab buying some embroidery supplies one of the girls suggested signing up for a class. I didn’t right away but I’m so glad I eventually did.

In April I signed up for a Crash Course to sewing at The Stitch Lab in Austin, Texas and since then I’ve been out of control. Every single woman in my family makes quilts and they’re all extremely good at it. My mom had taught me how to sew quilt blocks together and hand sew when I was a child but I couldn’t stand it. I don’t know if it was my lack of patience or feeling like I was too cool but I never continued. Taking the Crash Course class was different. I walked away making a tote bag and ready to sign up for as many classes as I could – which I did.

I decided during that class that I was going to make my own clothing and that’s what I’ve been working at since then. I bought a Janome 7330 Magnolia sewing machine a few months later and a Janome 7034D Serger a few weeks after that because I always have to have ALL OF THE THINGS if I decide to do something. I’m lucky enough to have the most supportive husband ever to be able to do all of this.


I took a few other classes like Beginning II Sewing Series where I made pillows and a messenger bag which I now use every day. I enrolled in a Hem Lab  class to learn how, as it clearly says, hem my clothing. I also took an Oilcloth Zippered Bag sets class which I’ve now made for 5 other people as gifts.

Soon after I bought Tilly and the Buttons book Love at First Stitch so that I could start making my own clothing. I made the Margot Pajama Pants, the Delphine Skirt, and half of the Megan Dress that I don’t think I’m liking very much now that I think about it.

I started the Garment Sewing from a Pattern Series at The Stitch Lab but was unable to finish because I broke my ankle at a derby private session and couldn’t attend the final class. Pics to come once finished on my own. I did recently finish a pair of Lakeside Pajamas by Grainline Studio that I’m absolutely in love with. I think they’re a size too big but they work – I have plans to make a couple more pairs.

IMG_0198 2

I’ve acquired a ton of fabric and even more patterns, I just have to get to it. Now that I have a broken ankle and I’m working from home I have plenty of time to get started on everything.